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About Our School

The Thai Institute of Healing Arts was founded by Thais and Americans as a bridge for Westerners to the traditional Thai healing arts. We focus on creating an authentic learning environment for students interested in exploring the traditional healing practices of Thailand. We operate a professional Thai massage therapy center, a student clinic, an education center, host student trips to Thailand, and our most senior students are involved in serious research in the field of Thai medical arts.

The results of our detailed research are fed into the education center to enhance curriculum development which ultimately supports us in preparing students for improved client treatments and success in the field. Knowledge and experience we gain in our therapy centers aids us in guiding our students to a successful career in the Thai healing arts.

We offer classes in the USA and in Thailand through centers in Westminster, CO and Chiang Mai, Thailand. A student who studies at our school or other Thai massage schools are able to easily transfer coursework and attend free internships. The Thai Institute is the only comprehensive Thai medical education, research, and treatment center outside of Thailand.

While you are establishing a foundation of Thailand's healing knowledge you will learn the Thai techniques. The techniques shared at the Thai Institute date back for centuries. The Thai Institute's dedicated and passionate instructors are best prepared to teach the Thai techniques, culture, and philosophy to you. Many of our staff members are native Thai and all our instructors are actively functioning as massage therapists or healing arts practitioners. We are honored to be able to pass the gift of the Thai healing arts onto you.

Those looking to add new techniques to their current healing practice or those interested in a career change will be equally challenged and inspired. Each of our courses are enriched with theoretical discussions and cultural experiences to allow the western student the opportunity to gain the deepest knowledge in Thailand's ancient healing arts. This knowledge comes directly from the source, Thailand.

“Just wanted to let you know that I had a really great learning experience last week during the Basic Thai Massage course. I've been in many classrooms and I have to say that you did a phenomenal job creating a supportive and inspirational learning environment. Thank you so much! Eventually I will be back to learn more!"


We arrange the annual wai khru and Thai massage community gathering for Western Thai massage practitioners and instructors.


We bring Thai doctors and other experts to the West, and invite students to learn with us in Thailand.


We conduct ground-breaking research and create publications on Thai medicine and culture.


We create resources for practitioners online and through local groups. We provide an online market that supports your Thai healing arts practice and the crafts people in Thailand.


We promote Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Medicine as serious medical disciplines.


We provide in-depth education in the Thai healing arts that exposes students to the techniques as well has the culture, traditions, and practices of the people in Thailand.


We sponsor charitable work in Thailand and in local Thai communities.


We engage students in Thai cultural experiences through classes, clubs, events, local groups.


We are a liaison for Thai massage practitioners and instructors with industry-regulating associations in Thailand and USA.

Thai Institute of Healing Arts is approved and/or certified by the following organizations:

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) represents more than 56,000 massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. AMTA works to establish massage therapy as integral to the maintenance of good health and complementary to other therapeutic processes; to advance the profession through ethics and standards, certification, school accreditation, continuing education, professional publications, legislative efforts, public education, and fostering the development of members.

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is an independent, private, non-profit organization, founded in 1992, whose core purpose is to foster high standards for therapeutic massage and bodywork professionals and to advocate for the public acceptance of the value of these standards and the professionals who uphold them. Today, there are more than 90,000 nationally certified massage therapists and body-workers in the United States.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

About Our Instructors

Kristine Traucht
Director of Education - Colorado
kristine @ thai-institute.com

Education and Training

Kristine was 15 years old when she began traveling and living in Southeast Asia. Of all of the places she has lived and visited, she has held a strong affinity with Northern Thailand. Eventually, this led her career toward teaching and sharing the traditions of Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts.

In 1999, Kristine started her career in Massage Therapy in Florida. While her husband was in the Coast Guard and they were stationed at various locations around the USA, Kristine established successful massage practices in many states. When Kristine and her family left military service, they moved to Colorado. Shortly after arriving, she began to more actively pursue her studies in Traditional Thai Medicine. She traveled regularly to Washington DC and Thailand to study with her teachers.

After 6 years, Kristine completed detailed studies in art of Traditional Thai Medicine and the renowned teacher training program at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts. This included a Cultural Project on Thai Temples were she conducted onsite research in Chiang Mai, Thailand. David Roylance, a leading teacher and mentor in the field of Thai Healing Arts, and Sararut Roylance, a Doctor of Thai Massage have guided her and recognize Kristine as a respected teacher of the traditional Thai healing arts. In 2015, Kristine was offered the opportunity to lead the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Colorado as the Director of Education.

Kristine continues to spend time connecting with her teachers and traveling to Thailand regularly to continue her studies. She is currently the Director of Education in Colorado, our primary instructor, and continues to see clients regularly for massage therapy. She leads regular student trips to Thailand with her husband Marty to expose students to Thai culture, Thai medicine, Thai massage, and the Thai approach to learning.

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Publications and Professional Affiliations

Kristine is a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). She is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a an Instructor.

Sararut (Sara) Roylance
Director of Education - Chiang Mai
sara @ thai-institute.com

Education and Training

Sararut has an extensive background of training and experience. Massage and healing is part of her family heritage and a way of life for her.

Sararut started her informal massage training early in life at age 9 in the remote village of Udonthani, 10-hours outside of Thailand's capital city of Bangkok. She learned massage directly from her mom. Sararut's mom is well known in her village for assisting residents by using Traditional Thai Massage and herbal medicine for healing. Sararut started a more formal apprenticeship with her mom at the age of 19 in their remote village outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. She learned first hand how to create specific herbal remedies for certain disorders and continued intense study of Thai Massage.

As Sararut's skill and passion grew, she decided to make healing not only her way of life but her career. She has formal training and education totaling over 3000 hours with a significant focus on Traditional Thai Healing.

Sararut is very gracious to her kind, warm and patient teachers including: Ajahn Sohnatda Panchee, Ajahn Chalerm Vongsiri, Ajahn Supol Lohachitkul, Ajahn Terry Liew, Ajahn Vicki Weber, Ajahn Sumson Chaiypakdee and Ajahn Po.

Sararut has graduated from several well known and prestigious schools in Thailand and is currently a Traditional Thai Medicine Doctoral Candidate (Mo Boran Candidate) with focuses on Thai massage, Thai herbal medicine, Thai midwifery and post natal care. She has studied from the most basic level of Thai massage through to Instructor in three (3) different and distinct lineages. She currently holds instructor status in all three (3) lineages.

Sararut is the Director of Education of our Chiang Mai, Thailand center. Her role allows her the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with students one-on-one through teaching classes. She is directing several charitable projects where the Thai Institute, its employees, and students are engaged in activities to support the Thai people through donations of time, money, or service. With Sararut's guidance, we have initiated several projects that benefit the people from Southeast Asia both in the USA and in her native Thailand. Sararut previously oversaw both of our therapy centers in the USA providing guidance in the assessment and treatment of over 10,000 clients per year. She also regularly taught classes in the USA for several years before returning home to Thailand with her family and launching a center in Chiang Mai.

Union of Traditional Thai Medicine Society - Traditional Thai Medicine Doctoral Candidate

Traditional Thai Massage (60-hours) – Nakhonpathorn Provincial Center

Certified Thai Massage Instructor – Ministry of Public Health (Thailand)

Certified Traditional Thai Massage Instructor – The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine
Society (Thailand)

Certified Traditional Thai Massage Instructor - Thai Traditional Medical Services Society

Anatomy & Physiology (60-hours) Basic Shiatsu (60-hours)
Spa Treatment (60-hours) Basic Ayurveda (90-hours)
Facial Treatments (120-hours) Basic Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (60-hours)
Thai Massage (75-hours) Reiki (60-hours)
Hot Stone Face and Body (120-hours)

Reflexology Massage (60-hours) – The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society

Traditional Thai Massage (280-hours) – KlongToey District Education Center

Traditional Thai Massage (410-hours) – The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society

Aromatherapy Massage (60-hours) – The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society

Sararut is an accomplished Certified Thai Massage Practitioner and Certified Thai Massage Instructor having been employed at many top spas throughout Thailand. She founded her own company in Thailand to provide consulting services to spas throughout the country and has trained 100's of Therapists in Thailand through her own company and her position as Training Manager at Cheraim Spa Village, known as the top spas in Thailand.

Professional Affiliations

Sararut is certified by The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (Thailand), The Ministry of Public Health (Thailand), The Thai Traditional Medical Services Society and is an approved Instructor of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). She is a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP-USA). Sararut holds professional certifications in Thailand and the USA qualifying her as a Certified Thai Massage Instructor.


Sararut has taught 1000's of students the gift and art of Thai healing. She has the ability to comfortably communicate knowledge from ancient Thailand inaccessible to western students. She has taught classes in Thai and English.

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