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Our Charitable Projects

The Thai Institute of Healing Arts gives back to a community of people that are in need. Careers in the healing arts breeds compassion and it's through these projects that we share that compassion in a tangible way.

We have been involved in charitable giving since the company was first started. It's our belief that we should give to those less fortunate, especially those in Southeast Asia, including Thailand. We are also highly interested in supporting the further development of Traditional Thai Medicine in the country of its origin.

It's the indigenous knowledge of Thailand that has been entrusted to us, and we are honored to have received this knowledge from our elders. In gratitude for the trust and gift of knowledge we have received, we have found several ways to ensure we are being conscious of sharing with those that have shared so much with us.

  • Charitable Giving is our Roots: When we started in 2003, we participated in a large festival devoted to sharing Thai culture with the public. Our Grand Opening was at "Thai Festival 2003" in Washington, DC where Pennsylvania Avenue was closed off for 6 blocks. We provided over 100 massages to the public, mainly Thais. We did this at no cost, as a way to give back to the community of Thais that supported us. The local Thai community embraced us and insisted on giving us payment for the massage services. We decided to respect their spirit of giving, collected the money, and donated to a local Thai Temple, Wat Yarnna Rangsee in Sterling, VA.

  • Support for Thai Temples: Our company is supporting several Temples across the USA and Thailand. Charitable contributions are provided on an "as-needed" basis. A sampling of the Temples we've supported include: Wat Thai DC in Sliver Springs MD, Wat Yarnna Rangsee in Sterling VA, Wat Thai LA in Los Angeles CA, Wat Buddhawararam in Denver CO, Wat Luangta Maha Boowa in Parker CO,  Wat Panthong in Chiang Mai, Wat Jadee Luang in Chiang Mai, Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok, and Wat Po in Bangkok, to just name a few.

  • FREE Massage and Medical Care for Thai Monks and Lay People: Our students and employees have a passion to help the Thai people. The Thai Institute staff and students provide monks and Thai lay people massage to assist in improving their health and extending their meditation cycles by being more comfortable in the seated position. Our students and staff also visit Wat Boowa Parker CO regularly to provide free massage as a way to give back to the Thais. The Thais donate money for the benefit of Wat  Boowa.

  • Support for Remote Hill Tribes: Our Director of Charitable Projects and our Executive Director, Sararut and David Roylance, took several of our students to visit a remote hill tribe in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand, to provide support. The hill tribes are among the poorest and most destitute people in Thailand. As part of our visit, we provided school supplies for children (500 notebooks, 200 pens/pencils, 30 pencil sharpers), clothing, shoes, household supplies, and a fuel voucher to purchase fuel that provides electricity to the village. These donations have helped the village to better educate the children of this remote village.

Visit to Remote Hill Tribe Village - Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Join tour guides Sararut and David Roylance in a remote Meow Hill Tribe village a top of Doi Suthep. (Large Mountain overlooking Chiang Mai.) The village greets you with dance and song from children in traditional clothing. After lunch, offerings and donations are made to the village. See a little girl receive her first pair of shoes. Walk through the village seeing traditional crafts, sling-shot target shooting, meet the elders that started the village, and learning how this tribe produces its own "green" electricity. (Truly a unique and one of a kind experience.) (Watch more videos, click here.)

  • Support for Thai Vendors: We support Thai artists through exclusive purchasing of artwork and supplies from Thai craftspeople. Our artwork is currently on display in our Westminster, CO Therapy Center and Education Center. Purchasing directly from artists in Thailand supports the tradition of Thai artwork and their family's livelihood. Our Centers were all built out and are fully maintained by Thai craftspeople.

  • Sales Proceeds to Benefit Buddhist Temples: We sell Buddha images and Jivaka statues in order to provide students the opportunity to create a home altar for devotion and private ceremonies. These statues are acquired from a Temple in Thailand through a significant donation from the Thai Institute of Healing Arts, and then are shipped to the USA. They are on sale at the Thai Institute and 100% of the sales price is donated to Wat Boowa Parker CO or another needy Temple to continue their growth and development. The Thai Institute also sells books on the topics of Theravada Buddhism. 100% of the sales revenue is donated to Wat Boowa Parker CO.

  • Temple Support: Our students and employees participate in a daily Wai Khru ceremony as a way to ground themselves and connect with the healing energy of Jivaka. 3-9 Incenses are typically brought to the ceremony, along with other things, as an offering. Oftentimes students will have challenges to find incense at local stores or forget them at home. We provide incense to our students in exchange for a donation to Wat Luangto Maha Boowa in Parker, CO. Students often donate money to this fund without needing any incense at all. This money has supported a variety of Temples across the USA and in Thailand, such as Wat Yarnna Rangsee (Sterling, VA), Wat Thai DC (Silver Springs, MD), Wat Buddhawararam (Denver, CO), Wat Luangta Maha Boowa (Parker, CO), Wat Sumter Buddharam (Sumter, SC), Wat Florida Dhammaram (Kissimmee, FL), Wat Srisuwan (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Wat Buddha Bucha (Decatur, GA), Wat Chedi Luang (Chiang Mai, Thailand), and many others.

  • Renovation of Classroom at Wat Chetupun (Chiang Mai, Thailand) - The Thai Institute donated $1334.00 to Wat Chetupun in Chiang Mai, Thailand to renovate two classrooms currently being used by a Traditional Thai Medicine program. Thai students use these classrooms to study all branches of Traditional Thai medicine but lacked the needed equipment and supplies to fully participate in the curriculum. The Thai Institute was able to provide funding and time, organized by our Director of Charitable Projects, Sararut Roylance. Sararut, along with the help of teachers and students of the program, developed a plan for addressing the lack of equipment and furnishings. Today, the classrooms are filled with proper tables, chairs, an altar, statues, beakers, burners, texts, plants, and herbs to study. Learning at this facility has been enhanced greatly.

  • Additional Charitable Projects will be added from our catalog of projects both in the past and those that are ongoing. Visit us online to learn more about how we are giving back to the community, and how you can become involved too!
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