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Introduction to Thai Massage

Duration: 9:00am - 6:00pm (8-hours CE)
Course Fee: $129 ** Includes FREE Lifetime Learning Internship
Prerequisite: None

This course introduces you to the philosophy of traditional Thai massage and multiple Thai massage techniques that can be enjoyed with friends, family or significant others for a nice body refresh/recharge. You will learn enough massage techniques to perform a 30-min massage over the entire body. You can enjoy these techniques with friends/family or integrate them into your current massage routine.

Students will have time to practice what they have learned 1-on-1 in a supportive environment. This class is excellent for couples, someone interested to incorporate Thai massage into their current massage routine, or just interested in exploring the wonderful culture/traditions of Thai healing.

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2017 Saturday Dates: Feb 4,  Apr 1, Sept 2

Already studied at another school? Transfer coursework into our program.

What should I look for in a Thai Massage Instructor, Teacher, or School?

“I was at a retreat the other day and there was a lady that had some lower back pain and other issues. I performed some of the techniques you taught me in my Introduction to Thai Massage course and the lady said it was a miracle. Her pain was completely gone in just a few minutes."

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