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Study in Thailand Program

Dates: July 10-30, 2017
Week One - Retreats and Excursions
Week Two - Exploring Thailand's Culture and Educational Excursions
Week Three - Basic Thai Massage Training & Thai Medical Apprenticeship in Conjunction


Course Fees:
Full Three Week Retreat and Training
$2999 (includes transportation to and from the airport, lodging, training, and group transportation and excursions) Students will need to coordinate and pay for their travel to and from Chiang Mai, Thailand and will be responsible for their lunch and dinner costs, private travel, shopping, etc.

Two Week Options are also available
Week One and Week Two (July 10 - 21)
Week Two and Week Three (July 17-28)

$1999 (includes transportation to and from the airport, lodging for the selected dates, training, breakfast everyday, and group transportation and  excursions) Students will need to coordinate and pay for their travel to and Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Prerequisite: No Prior Experience Needed
Instructors/Hosts: Kristine Traucht & Marty Traucht

All of our programs and courses of study are built on the idea of providing the absolute best opportunity for students to learn the Thai healing arts while in their home country. Our programs are enriched with Thai cultural knowledge and steeped in the traditions of Thailand teaching only traditional Thai medicine and traditional Thai massage.

Despite our long history of offering classes and educational opportunities as if you are actually in Thailand, there is no replacement for learning the Thai healing arts in its country of origin. Traditionally native Thai students who wanted to learn the healing arts would move in with their teacher for a period of time to fully grasp an understanding of their knowledge and absorb as much as possible while contributing to the running of the household. Teachers helped their students to learn deep detailed knowledge without reservation through immersion. Often times students would live with their teachers for several years. Through this process, the student was exposed to much more than could ever be offered in a modern classroom setting. It is with this spirit of traditional Thai teaching that we are offering students the "Study in Thailand" program.


If you would like to explore Thailand and her culture, deepen your current understanding of the Thai healing arts, and study with Thai teachers, our "Study in Thailand Program" could be the perfect opportunity for you. Kristine and Marty Traucht will be offering a once-in-a-lifetime travel and learning experience.


Kristine and Marty Traucht will be offering a once-in-a-lifetime travel and learning experience. It will commence with a group retreat in deep in the heart of the jungles of Mae Rim, Thailand. After which, we will explore the history, medicine, and culture of Northern Thailand. The final week we will be focusing on Thai massage trainings for students of all levels from no training to advanced practitioners with Basic Thai Massage training and Thai Medical Apprenceship Training. Only a limited number of spaces are available for students to receive this in-depth learning and growth.

Enrollment is available to only 12 students.

Week One:
Relaxing and Rejuvenating Retreat

Students will be picked up at the Chiang Mai Airport and taken to a mountain retreat outside of the city in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We will begin our trip with meditation practice, self massage techniques, healthy eating, light exercising, and some enjoyable excursions in the area.

Week Two:
Exploration and Educational Excursions in Northern Thailand

After preparing our bodies and minds in week one, we will commence with our educational excursions that will explore a variety of aspects of the culture of Northern Thailand. We will be learning about Thai herbal medicine and massage, Buddhism, Indigeneous Practices, and much more. We will take several group trips into the surrounding area to build or knowledge and skills in Thai Folk Medicine.

Week Three:
Basic Thai Massage Training & Thai Medical Apprenticeship

Now, for the first time, we are opening our Study in Thailand program to students of all levels. There will be a training options for students who have no prior training all the way through advanced practitioners. The Basic course will be taught from our Basic Thai Massage curriculum. The Thai Medical Apprenticeship will involve specific lessons taught as a group, as well as customized learning for each individual student based on your individual goals.

This is an opportunity to work alongside a seasoned and experienced practitioner of the Thai healing arts. You will have an opportunity to develop your practice well above and beyond. It is our goal to provide the most in-depth and unique training opportunity possible to students while visiting Thailand.

This is a complete immersion style program where you will have direct and long term contact with instructors and hosts throughout the entire program schedule. Participating in this learning opportunity means you will experience tangible and specific growth in your healing arts practice through countless learning opportunities. Kristine and Marty have incorporated experiential learning into this program for students to dive into living, practicing, and experiencing Thailand. You will have the opportunity experience aspects of Thailand off the beaten path. The instructors and hosts will coordinate excursions within Thailand to enhance your learning opportunities.

This program is detailed, personalized, and specific like no other available training in the Thai healing arts. To keep the training focused, it is only offered to a limited number of students each year and involves extensive planning and preparations. In order to reserve your place in the class, a 50% deposit is required with the remaining amount due 90-days prior to the start of the program. If canceling your reservation with 90-days notice, a refund will be provided per our refunds policy. After 90-days, the reservation in the program is confirmed and any cancellation for any reason would not result in a refund.

Send an email to kristine@thai-institute.com for questions related to this program.
(More details below.)

Week One:
Group Travel Experience

Week Two:
Training Weekdays from 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Price Includes

  • Assistance with Pick up and return from/to the airport, train station, and/or bus station as coordinated with hosts.
  • Lodging/Accommodations from the 9th -29th. Training center in a mountain retreat with
    easy access to all the sights and travel locations. Only 30 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai, airport, bus terminal, and train station.
    Students will reside in double occupancy accommodations.Single occupancy is available upon request for an additional fee. If desired, students are welcome to stay at a location of
    their choice outside of the host location while still arriving each day for scheduled events. (The price would not change.)
  • Wifi or high speed internet is provided for everyone.
  • Training with instructor from 9:00am - 4:00pm on Monday - Friday   17th-21st and 24th-28th.
  • Food during Weeks Two and Three for morning and afternoon meals Monday - Friday. Dinner and weekends are the responsibility of the student.
  • Group Field trips and destination learning will be incorporated as part of the learning experience with most trips being scheduled during Week One and Week Two. The student will have the option to attend these events and the cost will be covered. Any additional personal travel, shopping, etc will be at the student's expense.
  • Personal hygiene products and anything you require for personal comfort will be the responsibility of the student.


This program of study is for students who are respectful and mindful of others in every way. We have always experienced that students in our programs meet this criteria without reservation.

If you have any questions regarding our program, feel free to contact us at (720) 335-6053 or by email at denver@thai-institute.com.

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