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Thai Medical Massage Apprenticeship

Duration: Mon - Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm (40-hours CE)
Course Fee: $995
Prerequisite: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Thai Massage or minimum 120 hours of Traditional Thai Massage training.
Instructor: Sararut Roylance

Our traditional Thai massage courses, workshops, and seminars provide a solid foundation to begin learning and understanding Thai massage and Thai herbal medicine. Now, it is time to take the next step in your training with our Thai Medical Massage Apprenticeship.

In Thailand, massage is a major branch of traditional medicine administered by skilled Doctors of Massage ("Mo Nuat"). The process of becoming a Doctor of Massage is traditionally accomplished through a close relationship with one's teachers, who guide the student more deeply through customized learning opportunities as an apprentice over a long period of time. Such learning has only been available in the Thai language and has only been open to native Thai students.

Now, for the first time, Western students will have the opportunity to experience this style of teaching and learning through our "Thai Medical Massage Apprenticeship" taught by Sararut Pilakun Roylance. Sara has excelled in her studies within both the traditional oral style of learning and through Thailand's formalized structure of learning with the Ministry of Public Health. The opportunity to apprentice with Sara is a rare opportunity. This apprenticeship will involve specific lessons taught as a group, as well as customized learning for each individual student based on your individual goals. Sara will also identify areas of growth for you to achieve based on your current Thai massage practice.

Senior Instructor Sararut Roylance with students of the Thai Medical Apprenticeship.

Sararut Pilakun Roylance, a native Thai, has over 30 years of experience performing Thai massage. She has learned through apprenticeships among Thailand's top masters dating back to 1984. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Traditional Thai Medicine, Thai herbal pharmacy, and as Thai midwife in Thailand. See Sara's profile for more details.

“Sara's apprenticeship has been invaluable to me in learning the Thai healing arts. She has given me specific and direct feedback with customized learning that has helped me excel. Her knowledge and experience really comes through in all that she teaches. I always feel I can be open with her to do my best and make mistakes. She understands where I am as a therapist and is able to provide me exciting challenges that help me grow. Sara is a "true master" of Thai massage and Thai medicine."

This apprenticeship is for serious students, therapists, and instructors with an interest to deepen their Thai massage practice, Thai herbal practice, or their understanding of anything related to Thai medicine through immersion with a native Thai. Sara will gain an understanding of your previous training and future goals with the healing arts through interaction her interaction with you, then she will lead you through 5 days of intense customized training. There is no other equivalent to this apprenticeship available in the English language.

Limited Space Only - Participants are encouraged to consider participation in this apprenticeship each year as a way for continued development with traditional Thai massage and Thai herbal medicine. Because this apprenticeship is unique and different each time for each student, students will need to submit payment for each apprenticeship they attend.

All of the following dates are available for classes with us. You only need to complete one class, consisting of all 5-days, to complete the course. Weekday and weekend course dates are available. Email or call (720-335-6053) with any questions.

Weekday Dates: (2016: TBA)

“Not only did Sara improve my techniques and mechanics when I perform Thai massage but most importantly she opened my eyes to experience the "feel", what my clients should experience, the "actual healing touch of the Thais" so that I can perform the same for my clients."

“Sara impressed me with how smoothly she performs Thai massage. With steps that seemingly are very disjointed and a challenge for a student to put together, Sara was able to display for me a smooth and consistent routine as an example of how my work should develop. Her feedback during my apprenticeship was exacting and positive which contributed to building my confidence."

A course deposit of $249 will hold your place in a class. 30-days prior to the start of the class you will need to pay the remaining balance to be confirmed in the class. Course fees are non-refundable however can be applied to any future course.

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