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Experience Thai Cultural Immersion

The healing arts of Thailand are part of a unique cultural fabric. Immersion into the Thai culture is critical for the success of a Thai healing arts Practitioner. Cultural experiences are integrated throughout our Thai healing arts program.

Students learn Thai culture with us in the classroom and they gain an in-depth understanding of how Thailand's culture has influenced the healing arts through experiential learning.

Students experience Thailand's vast culture through:

  • Authentic Thai healing arts facility with active cultural traditions in practice.

  • Instructors that have experienced Thai culture by living in Thailand for multiple years. Many of our instructors and employees are native Thais.

  • Daily and annual "wai khru" to honor Ajahns ("Masters") for students to experience this important practice as performed in Thai medical schools, clinics, and hospitals.

  • Opportunity to travel to Thailand for continued learning to experience Thai culture and learn.

  • Students have the opportunity to learn through free internships/apprenticeships at the Thai Institute. Learning in this traditional style allows the student the opportunity to learn through constant absorption of Thai knowledge with instructors in our classrooms. (Lifetime learning internship)

  • Free optional workshops and learning experience that expose students to the spiritual traditions of Thailand.

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Traditional Thai Massage & Medicine Community Gathering hosted by the Thai Institute of Healing Arts to further their education of the various medicine practices across Thailand that are a product of Thai culture.

  • Our teacher training candidates dive deep into Thailand's culture through a required research project on topics that further their education and the fields body of knowledge. Final projects are presented in classes to provide yet another opportunity to understand Thai culture.

Thailand's cultural fabric is stitched with multiple influences and the healing arts of Thailand are part of that cultural fabric. It's of vital importance that students of Thailand's healing arts not only learn the bodywork and traditional medical practices themselves but also gain a deep understanding of the culture that embodies the healing arts.

Our school ensures that each student has the opportunity to learn the healing arts of Thailand while being immersed in Thailand's unique and vibrant culture.

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