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Royal East West Massage

Steamed herbal compresses imported directly from Thailand make this massage truly a delight and unique in massage treatments.

Similar to East West Massage with the addition of hand-made herbal compresses steamed and applied directly to the body. If you find yourself stiff, sore, or having aches/pains, this treatment will melt it all away leaving you feeling totally refreshed, revitalized, and renewed.

“My muscles were tight and I mean really TIGHT. My body had aches and pains that I thought would never leave me. The Royal East West Massage melted away my aches and pains like I could not believe. Getting a massage at The Thai Institute was the best decision I could have made."

“I've been coming to The Thai Institute for over 5 years. Recently I had a significant surgery to my knee that left me on crutches. My doctor told me it would take 1 year to fully recover. I did regular Royal East West Massage every 2 weeks and asked the Massage Therapist to mainly focus on the site of my surgery. I cut my recovery time down to only 3 months and now I am walking fine. My doctor is amazed!!!"

60/90/120 min. • $102/$157/$197
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